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December 4, 2015 5 months ago

Arisaka Defense – Quality Illumination at an Economical Price

Several months ago, my friend UWone77 introduced me to Arisaka Defense, a small company that created several very interesting light mounts and accessories for the AR accessory market. I also learned that Arisaka Defense made “clone” light bodies that were durable, consistently-machined, and for a much lower price-point than commercially-available Surefire Scout M300 or M600 bodies. Read more
December 3, 2015 5 months ago

The Daily Arsenal of the Armed Citizen

Our world is shifting- changing and burning in new and unprecedented ways. The past few months alone we have seen the tragic attacks in Paris and San Bernardino. All of a sudden, armed citizens are watching the face of potential conflict rapidly changing- a six-shot revolver simply doesn’t cut it anymore, and many gun owners have begun to carry intermediate- or duty-size handguns as their daily conceal carry gun. Read more
December 1, 2015 5 months ago

The Handl Experiment Part 2

Steve Coulston continues the discussion with Alan Handl and the Handl SCAR project. Part 2 of 2. Read more
November 30, 2015 5 months ago

America Grip

Screws and nuts come loose on weapons; every shooter has experienced this. Even with thread lock things happen. Murphy’s Law suggests that if it can happen then it is likely to happen at the worst possible time. Will they loosen at your tool bench on a warm summer day? Probably not. Far more likely for it to happen in the field, far away from everything. The America Grip Tool Grip provides the ability to bring the right tools with you, maybe even mounted to your weapon. Read more
November 27, 2015 5 months ago

S3F Solutions - Match Grade

Just shy of a year ago, I was introduced to Agency Arms, a new contender on the custom pistol market that has been taking the firearms industry by storm over the past several months. Through networking with them, I was introduced to Chris Naganuma; veteran, competitive shooter, and CEO of S3F Solutions, a boutique barrel company that manufactures drop-in pistol barrels. Read more
November 20, 2015 5 months ago

Combat Shooters CS-15 SPR (Billet)

Back in August, here on, I introduced you to the company Combat Shooters. “Combat Shooters – Through Reason or by Force” gave you a look behind the curtain at the people who make it possible. Mike and Nelia have started to establish themselves in the industry by making all the right choices and refusing to fear change. With a well earned reputation of superb customer service and product evolution Combat Shooters offers the CS-15 SPR (Billet) rifle. Read more
November 16, 2015 5 months ago

The Handl Experiment Part 1

Recently, we caught up with dreamer and innovator Alan Handl, founder of Handl Defense. He was kind enough to give us a history lesson, a tour of Handl Defense’s new facility, and got us up to speed on what they have been up to. Read more


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December 16, 20154 months ago

Kinetic Development Group Announces The Sidelok Mounting System for The Trijicon MRO Red Dot Optic

Kinetic Development Group recently announced the release of the Sidelok Mounting System for the Trijicon MRO Red Dot Optic. Rainier Arms has an exclusive price and availability for the next week, through December 24th. Read more
December 14, 20154 months ago

Ruger® 10/22 Takedown® with Target Barrel

Ruger® recently announced the release of a new 10/22 Takedown® model. The new model is outfitted with a cold hammer-forged target barrel. Read more
December 12, 20154 months ago


XS Sight Systems out of Texas recently announced the release of suppressor-height sights for the 1911. The sights are available in two configurations, tritium front/white rear and tritium front and rear. Read more
December 11, 20154 months ago

Mega Arms Releases New Wedge Lock KeyMod Handguard

Mega Arms recently announced the release of the Wedge Lock KeyMod handguard for AR15 platforms. Read more
December 4, 20155 months ago

First Tactical Debuts Outerwear

Gunsandtactics tested and reviewed First Tactical’s Tactix Tactical Pants a few months ago and we were impressed with the quality and price of their clothing. Recently,First Tactical announced that they are offering two-new outerwear options for men and women. Designed primarily for first responders, First Tactical clothing is available to the public. Read more
December 4, 20155 months ago

Industry Armament™ Launched by Ares Armor CEO and Defense Industry Veterans

New Company to Specialize in Weapon Systems and Tactical Gear for the Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian Markets Read more
December 3, 20155 months ago

Gorilla Ammunition introduces .300blk remanufactured Troop Ammo

Goriila Ammunition recently announced the release of remanufactured, premium quality .300blk ammunition. Gorilla Ammunition claims sub-MOA accuracy with their once-fired casings. Read more