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October 14, 2013 2 years ago

Flipping B.A.D. A.S.S.

Steve Coulston talks to us about the Ambidextrous Safety Selector from Battle Arms Development. Read more
October 12, 2013 2 years ago

The Evolution of the American Police Patrol Rifle

What is the BEST configuration for an AR15 Police Patrol Rifle? Fred Mastison of Force Options Tactical Training Solutions shares his Top 10 points for rifle selection. Read more
October 10, 2013 2 years ago

Mixed-Use Protection

We take a few shots at the Lifeshield Technologies Bulletproof Backpack in this comprehensive review by Steve Coulston. Read more
October 9, 2013 2 years ago

Kraftwerk K9: Family Protection Dogs

Tactical Parent Author, Doug Marcoux, introduces us to the family protection dogs bred and trained by Kraftwerk K9. Read more
October 8, 2013 2 years ago

LEGOS and AR’s, One in the same?

Guns & Tactics reviews some of the core steps to making an accurate AR-15 utilizing state-of-art made parts from CIV Tactical. Also learn how to get Free shipping and 10% off your order. Read more
October 8, 2013 2 years ago

Combat Patrol Uniform from Helikon-Tex

The Designed To Fight Crew Review the Helikon-Tex Combat Patrol Uniform™. Read more
October 6, 2013 2 years ago

Sneak Peek: New Fortis MFG Hammer™ Charging Handle

Machined from 7075 T6 Billet aluminum, the new Fortis MFG Hammer™ is an operator’s grade charging handle. Read more


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April 26, 20133 years ago

Tom Knapp, Exhibition Shooting Legend Dies

Tom Knapp, one of the legends of exhibition shooting, has passed away this afternoon. Read more
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April 23, 20133 years ago

Team GLOCK Competitor Tori Nonaka Wins Production Class High Lady at USPSA Area 6 Championship

Today GLOCK, Inc. announced that Team GLOCK member Tori Nonaka won the Production Class High Lady title at the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) Area 6 Championship, held at the Ancient City Shooting Range in St. Augustine, Fla., April 19-21, 2013. Read more
April 22, 20133 years ago

150,000 Reasons & Requests - Crimson Trace DVD "The Laser's Edge"

More than 150,000 copies of “The Lasers Edge” DVD have been ordered and distributed via online requests and through strategic partners, gun shops and retail outlets. Read more
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Tags: airsoft, KRISS, KWA, SMG
April 18, 20133 years ago

KRISS Arms terminates exclusive Trademark Licensing with KWA

KRISS Arms announces the termination of its exclusive trademark licensing with KWA. Read more
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Tags: Dom Raso, Navy SEAL, NRA News
April 16, 20133 years ago


In this week’s episode, former U.S. Navy SEAL Dom Rasodiscusses a situation that happened recently in New Jersey and the complacency our nation has fallen into when it comes to personal protection. Read more
April 16, 20133 years ago


Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ latest million dollar ad campaign – featuring a self-professed gun owner – prompted gun owners all over America to ask one simple question. Read more
April 8, 20133 years ago

The Officer Survival Initiative Launches New Incognito Trauma Kit

Discreet trauma kit is designed for everyday use for persons wearing soft body armor. Read more