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May 27, 2014 2 years ago

Meet the Kel-Tec PMR-30

Jody Lewis shares his experience with Kel-Tec’s 30-Round .22 Magnum Semi-Automatic pistol. Read more
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Tags:military, SOFIC, special forces
May 26, 2014 2 years ago

SOFIC 2014 Highlights

Military, government, academia, and industry stakeholders network and discuss current and future challenges and how to best support our Special Operations Forces (SOF) around the globe. Read more
May 25, 2014 2 years ago

Unintended Consequences: In-Your-Face Open Carry

In this article Doug reflects on open carry from his unique perspective as a gun owner and as a parent. Read more
May 22, 2014 2 years ago

Introducing V7 Weapon Systems

Jody Lewis goes one-to-one with Joel Allen to learn more about V7 Weapons Systems. Read more
May 20, 2014 2 years ago

Get a Grip with LOF

Line of Fire gloves offers reliable hand protection and an optimal grip on your firearm or tools. Read more
May 16, 2014 2 years ago

Triple Aught Design Recon AC Pant

Steve Coulston brings you this first look at the brand new Recon AC Pant from Triple Aught Design (TAD). Read more
May 13, 2014 2 years ago

Lockestone Industries 80% Lower Receivers

Guns & Tactics takes a hard look at the Lockstone Industries 80% lower receiver with Jody Lewis. Read more


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January 7, 20143 years ago

Mirror Image Pistol Sets

Cabot to Display Left and Right Handed Matching 1911 Pistols Read more
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Tags: L7AWM, magazine, polymer, SHOT Show
January 7, 20143 years ago

Lancer Launches New L7AWM

7.62x51mm Magazine to Debut at SHOT Show 2014 Read more
January 7, 20143 years ago

All-Stars at Plano/Tenzing Booth SHOT Show

All-Stars Pack Plano/Tenzing Booth at 2014 SHOT Show. Pro Appearances Provide Unique Story, Photo and Video Opportunities. Read more
January 7, 20143 years ago

District Court Rules Chicago's Gun Sales Ban Unconstitutional

U.S. District Court Strikes Down Chicago’s Unconstitutional Ban on Firearms Sales – Upholds Second Amendment Rights Read more
January 6, 20143 years ago

How Big is the SHOT Show?

36th SHOT Show® Brings Together Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor and Law Enforcement Industry Professionals Read more
January 3, 20143 years ago

Announcing Sierra Hotel Manufacturing

Announcing SIERRA HOTEL MANUFACTURING under the guidance of Jamie Wehmeyer. Read more
Posted in: news
Tags: clothing, gear, hunting, outterwear
January 3, 20143 years ago

STORMR: Extreme Foul Weather Gear

STORMR hunting-specific clothing redefines comfort and mobility. Extreme weather outerwear allows you to ride out any type of storm. Read more

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