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May 20, 2014 1 year ago

Get a Grip with LOF

Line of Fire gloves offers reliable hand protection and an optimal grip on your firearm or tools. Read more
May 16, 2014 1 year ago

Triple Aught Design Recon AC Pant

Steve Coulston brings you this first look at the brand new Recon AC Pant from Triple Aught Design (TAD). Read more
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Tags:80%, DIY, jig, Lockstone, lower
May 13, 2014 1 year ago

Lockestone Industries 80% Lower Receivers

Guns & Tactics takes a hard look at the Lockstone Industries 80% lower receiver with Jody Lewis. Read more
May 12, 2014 1 year ago

Set Your Phone to Blaster Mode

In this produce showcase review, Steve Coulston takes aim with his Galaxy S4 and the inteliSCOPE PRO. Read more
May 9, 2014 1 year ago

Mission First Tactical - TORCH - The Little Light That Can

A small little light dubbed the Torch Backup White Light (TBWL) or its counterparts the Torch Backup Light White/Red (TBLWR) Torch Backup Light Infrared (TBLIR). The TORCH is compact, streamlined, and has a positive, low-profile on/off pad. Read more
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Tags:Aimpoint, F1, Fortis, mount, T1
May 8, 2014 1 year ago

Fortis F1 Aimpoint Micro Mount

Devin shares his sentiments in this field review of the F1 Aimpoint Micro mount from Fortis Manufacturing. Read more


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April 2, 20141 year ago

NextLevel Training to Showcase Top-Tier Training Pistols at 2014 NRAAM

Manufacturer to Showcase Entire Line of SIRT Training Devices, Including New SIRT 107. Read more
March 27, 20141 year ago

XS® Sight Systems Receives Agency Approval from Perry Police Department

Lights, Sights, Lasers™ Tour brings opportunity for LE/MIL Students to experience XS® Sight Systems upgrades for duty-issued weapons. Read more
March 24, 20141 year ago

US S-COG: On the Razor’s Edge

US C-SOG Senior Team Leader Joseph Garcia has made it his life’s mission to train and prepare warriors and operators to deal with the most violent, enraged and often disturbed criminals in the system. Read more