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October 19, 2015 1 year ago

Sticky Holsters Review

I spend a lot of time researching firearms-related gear and accessories. I’m always looking for something unique and different, but functional and well-built. About two months ago, I reached out to Sticky Holsters for information about their holsters. I saw that their holsters didn’t have any belt loops or kydex, but they claimed the holster was secure for concealed carry. Interesting. Read more
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October 16, 2015 1 year ago

Gorilla Ammo Giveaway!

Guns & Tactics Magazine, in cooperation with Gorilla Ammo, has launched the Gorilla Ammo Giveaway. Participants will have a chance to win 5 boxes of Gorilla Ammo – .223 REM 55GN Sierra Blitzking! Read more
October 13, 2015 1 year ago

Apex Tactical Specialties Tactical Paint Can

The most tactical paint can on the planet has dropped at the doorstep of Guns & Tactics. The guys from Apex Tactical Specialties delivered us a surprise and we had to share. Read more
October 12, 2015 1 year ago

The Desert Rose Full-Custom AR-15

Tactical Parent Doug Marcoux teams up with Kaiser US Shooting Products, LEO Armory, and Unique ARs to auction off the Desert Rose. The Desert Rose is a one-of-a-kind AR-15 with unique engraving and coloring. All proceeds from the auction benefit Project Appleseed, a nonprofit organization teaching young people marksmanship as it relates to the founding of our Nation. Read more
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October 12, 2015 1 year ago

SLIK Follow-Up

SLIK, the revolutionary product line from AEARMOR is changing the way we use equipment from tools to firearms! Read more
October 10, 2015 1 year ago

Mini Sure Shots-Training the Next Generation of Responsible Shooters

We train them first in safety, and it isn’t until they fully comprehend safety that we begin to teach them technique. It seems like it would be a given, but we always like to reiterate that these kids don’t have access to guns other than when they are in a heavily-supervised and coached training environment. Read more
October 8, 2015 1 year ago

Agency Arms Field Edition

You want a custom Glock? Swing a dead cat in the dark and you can’t miss someone offering just that. The word “custom” when it comes to guns used to mean expert gunsmithing, tuning, intricate engraving and all manner of other artisan and functional modifications to make a firearm perform, or just look better. These days, in the much commercialized world of the polymer pistol, some of that art has been lost to the relative ease of creating a “custom” gun. Nowhere is this truer than in the world of Glock. Read more


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October 27, 20151 year ago

Crimson Trace Launches Newest Lasergrips® LG-350s

Owners of the S&W J-Frame Round-Butt revolvers can now use the Crimson Trace Lasergrip®. Both green and red lasers are available. The new Lasergrips® also feature Crimson Trace’s new Shock-Stop™ system to increase shooter comfort and reduce felt recoil. Read more
October 26, 20151 year ago

ETS Group announces that it's new 9mm Glock magazines are up for preorder

Elite Tactical Systems (ETS) Group recently announced that their new advanced polymer 9mm Glock magazines are available for preorder. The magazines will include G17 10 round limited, G19 10 round limited, G26 10 round, G19 15 round, G17 17 round, 22rd Competition Legal and G18 31 round mags with a ergonomically designed floorplate, translucent body, and compatibility with Glock and aftermarket floorplates. Read more
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October 26, 20151 year ago

Gas Pedal® Racing Team wins Triple Crown at US Nationals 2015

Gas Pedal® Racing Team dominates the US Nationals using the Gas Pedal® grip. GoGun®, maker of the Gas Pedal®, claim the opposable grip is the fastest way to shoot. Read more
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October 26, 20151 year ago

Steyr Arms Releases Another Batch of White AUG A3 M1 Rifles

Steyr Arms recently announced that another batch of the immensely popular white AUG A3 M1 rifles will be shipping nationwide. Read more
October 22, 20151 year ago


Thordsen Customs has a limited run of 25 Standard FRS-15 kits that have been Ceracoated in Battleship Gray. Unfortunately for Thordsen Customs, they were damaged in shipping. Fortunately for you, Thordsen Customs is treating them as blems and have knocked $50.00 off the retail price. Prices good until they’re gone. Read more
October 22, 20151 year ago

ASA Announces HEARING PROTECTION ACT: A Bill to Remove Suppressors From The NFA

The American Suppressor Association recently announced that the Hearing Protection Act (HPA) has been introduced into Congress by Rep. Matt Salmon of Arizona. The Act removes the National Firearms Act (NFA) tax and replaces the ATF transfer process with an instantaneous NICS background check. Read more
October 22, 20151 year ago

Crimson Trace Conquers the Darkness

Red laser sights are available to fit more firearm models (Crimson Trace offers nearly 200 red laser sight products). Thanks to action on television shows and in the movies, criminals know a red laser means the one holding the firearm has taken an additional step to be prepared against threats. There are numerous police documents and homeowner statements that indicate the presence of a red laser sight mounted on a firearm defused a tense or deadly situation. Read more

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