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October 8, 2015 1 year ago

Agency Arms Field Edition

You want a custom Glock? Swing a dead cat in the dark and you can’t miss someone offering just that. The word “custom” when it comes to guns used to mean expert gunsmithing, tuning, intricate engraving and all manner of other artisan and functional modifications to make a firearm perform, or just look better. These days, in the much commercialized world of the polymer pistol, some of that art has been lost to the relative ease of creating a “custom” gun. Nowhere is this truer than in the world of Glock. Read more
October 5, 2015 1 year ago

Bullpup Shoot 2015

Steve Coulston attended Bullpup Shoot 2015, an annual one-day event showcasing the latest in bullpup rifle technology. Read more
October 1, 2015 1 year ago

Allstar Tactical: Taming Recoil and Targeting the Market

Allstar Tactical was founded in 2008. Initially, Allstar Tactical began as a standard retail dealer in firearms, accessories and gear. There is a big deficiency in dealers around the Rochester, NY area who focus on tactical firearms and their related gear/accessories. Read more
September 28, 2015 1 year ago

Rainier Arms Giveaway!

Guns & Tactics Magazine, in cooperation with Rainier Arms, has launched the Rainier Arms Giveaway on Facebook. Participants will have a chance to win a Rainier Arms XTC 2.0 Compensator, a Rainier Arms Force Rail 12.0, and a Rainier Arms Avalanche Charging Handle. Read more
September 28, 2015 1 year ago

Leatherman Spotlight and Factory Tour

Every tool guy” has one of these stashed in his bag somewhere. That thing is a multi-tool and it can be a life saver in certain situations. Gotta have the right tool for the job, but it’s not easy to lug around a tool set wherever you go. Read more
September 25, 2015 1 year ago

Can Can Concealment: Self-Defense with Fashion Sense

Can Can Concealment was created in 2013 by Darlene Cahill after completing a home firearms defense course. She wanted a concealed holster that was not just utilitarian, but comfortable and pretty. Read more
September 24, 2015 1 year ago

Blacksheepwarrior Megiddo Rail Covers: Micarta Madness…and a dash of Keymod Derision

…there wasn’t much demand for M-LOK due to the lack of compatible accessories and it could also be argued that the industry was seeing, what appeared to be, a defensive marketing push by Keymod fan boys. This coupled with the fact that the field was pretty much empty of competitors led me to pursue development of the Megiddo G10 M-LOK Covers. Read more


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Tags: MP Shield, shield upgrades
October 29, 20151 year ago

Performance Center By Smith & Wesson Introduces New M&P Shield Ported Models

Smith & Wesson announced that the Performance Center is now offering ported .40 S&W and 9mm M&P Shield pistols. Porting is the latest in a long line of Shield Upgrades. Read more
October 29, 20151 year ago

Articulating Accessory Adapter Indiegogo Campaign

There’s an Indiegogo campaign to fund an articulating adapter for picatinny mounts. The mount allows the rifle bipod to tilt and pivot while shooting off of uneven surfaces. Read more
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Tags: bolt action, hunting, Merkel
October 28, 20151 year ago

German-Based Merkel Introduces New Bolt-Action Rifle to US

American hunters and shooters now have a new option. German-based Merkel announced the introduction of the R15 in wood and synthetic stocks. Read more
October 27, 20151 year ago

Crimson Trace Launches Newest Lasergrips® LG-350s

Owners of the S&W J-Frame Round-Butt revolvers can now use the Crimson Trace Lasergrip®. Both green and red lasers are available. The new Lasergrips® also feature Crimson Trace’s new Shock-Stop™ system to increase shooter comfort and reduce felt recoil. Read more
October 26, 20151 year ago

ETS Group announces that it's new 9mm Glock magazines are up for preorder

Elite Tactical Systems (ETS) Group recently announced that their new advanced polymer 9mm Glock magazines are available for preorder. The magazines will include G17 10 round limited, G19 10 round limited, G26 10 round, G19 15 round, G17 17 round, 22rd Competition Legal and G18 31 round mags with a ergonomically designed floorplate, translucent body, and compatibility with Glock and aftermarket floorplates. Read more
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Tags: GasPedal, GoGun, US Nationals
October 26, 20151 year ago

Gas Pedal® Racing Team wins Triple Crown at US Nationals 2015

Gas Pedal® Racing Team dominates the US Nationals using the Gas Pedal® grip. GoGun®, maker of the Gas Pedal®, claim the opposable grip is the fastest way to shoot. Read more
Posted in: news
Tags: AUG, AUG M3, Steyr Arms
October 26, 20151 year ago

Steyr Arms Releases Another Batch of White AUG A3 M1 Rifles

Steyr Arms recently announced that another batch of the immensely popular white AUG A3 M1 rifles will be shipping nationwide. Read more

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