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September 22, 2015 1 year ago

Brugger & Thomet's Rapid Magazine Loader

The B&T rapid magazine loader is the fastest magazine loader from ammo box to shooting, we’ve ever seen. Read more
September 18, 2015 1 year ago

Avalanche Update: It’s Here!

A while back I had the opportunity to get my hands on a series of prototype charging handles designed and made by Rainier Arms. They named their new creation the Avalanche and I gave my first impressions in a past Guns & Tactics post. Read more
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September 15, 2015 1 year ago

Stealth Gear USA Holsters

The new hybrid holster design from Stealth Gear USA is a promising offering for the IWB holster concealed pistol carrier who wants to keep their gun and skin cool and dry. Read more
September 14, 2015 1 year ago

First Tactical Tactix Tactical Pants

The Tactix Tactical Pants are what they sound like… a pant designed to facilitate dynamic operations regardless of your high risk profession. Like many of you I have owned many “tactical” pants. They usually have similar qualities such as cargo pockets, maybe a hidden pocket or two for mags and are made of heavy duty fabric for hard use. They also stick out like a sore thumb in a crowd of people. Yes, the Tactix pant shares these qualities but steps up the game some. Read more
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September 10, 2015 1 year ago

How a Glock Works (w/ Glock Cutaway) Video

For all you mech-heads and curious “how does it work” folk, here’s a video made by 762x51n8o that shows off the inner workings of a glock with a rare cutaway model since not all of us have the time or resources to go to an armorer’s course. So hopefully this is a good start for you all in understanding how the Glock system functions. Read more
September 8, 2015 1 year ago

Sticky Holsters

Sticky Holsters was started five years ago by a former Police Officer who wanted to create a simple, yet effective, quality IWB (Inside the Waist Band) holster for everyday carry. Read more


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October 30, 20151 year ago

Dead Air Rapidly Becoming Police Department Suppressor of Choice

Dead Air Armament™, the strikingly silent suppressor company, is pleased to announce that the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department SWAT unit of North Carolina has adopted Dead Air’s Sandman™ series of suppressors as their choice for departmental use. The contract was awarded to Dead Air over that of its competitors’ products only after several months of rigorous field testing and evaluations were completed. Read more
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October 29, 20151 year ago

Performance Center By Smith & Wesson Introduces New M&P Shield Ported Models

Smith & Wesson announced that the Performance Center is now offering ported .40 S&W and 9mm M&P Shield pistols. Porting is the latest in a long line of Shield Upgrades. Read more
October 29, 20151 year ago

Articulating Accessory Adapter Indiegogo Campaign

There’s an Indiegogo campaign to fund an articulating adapter for picatinny mounts. The mount allows the rifle bipod to tilt and pivot while shooting off of uneven surfaces. Read more
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Tags: bolt action, hunting, Merkel
October 28, 20151 year ago

German-Based Merkel Introduces New Bolt-Action Rifle to US

American hunters and shooters now have a new option. German-based Merkel announced the introduction of the R15 in wood and synthetic stocks. Read more
October 27, 20151 year ago

Crimson Trace Launches Newest Lasergrips® LG-350s

Owners of the S&W J-Frame Round-Butt revolvers can now use the Crimson Trace Lasergrip®. Both green and red lasers are available. The new Lasergrips® also feature Crimson Trace’s new Shock-Stop™ system to increase shooter comfort and reduce felt recoil. Read more
October 26, 20151 year ago

ETS Group announces that it's new 9mm Glock magazines are up for preorder

Elite Tactical Systems (ETS) Group recently announced that their new advanced polymer 9mm Glock magazines are available for preorder. The magazines will include G17 10 round limited, G19 10 round limited, G26 10 round, G19 15 round, G17 17 round, 22rd Competition Legal and G18 31 round mags with a ergonomically designed floorplate, translucent body, and compatibility with Glock and aftermarket floorplates. Read more
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Tags: GasPedal, GoGun, US Nationals
October 26, 20151 year ago

Gas Pedal® Racing Team wins Triple Crown at US Nationals 2015

Gas Pedal® Racing Team dominates the US Nationals using the Gas Pedal® grip. GoGun®, maker of the Gas Pedal®, claim the opposable grip is the fastest way to shoot. Read more

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